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You are welcome to visit our garden during summer (from April to October). Entry is  minimum 30 EUR hour,  5 euros per person, children under 19 can visit for free.

Most of the plants growing in the garden can be bought on a cash only basis (no card facilities).

A typical family home with a garden has over the years become one of the biggest collection gardens in Estonia, there are more than 6000 plants growing on more than 3 hectares of land, which is being looked after by me, my husband Ain and my son Priit.
We are especially interested in Trilliums, Primulas, Hostas, Daylilies, Geraniums, Alpi plants and shade perennials, Gentians (over 100 ), Cobra lilies, Coneflowers and Siberian Irises and I am also fascinated by perennials from the far East and Japan and New Zealand.
In addition to large trees, perennials can have microscopic species which can be so small that in order to actually see them you would have to get a magnifying glass and look at them whilst being on your hands and knees on the ground. 
Unfortunately I do not speak English but if you would like a tour in English this can be arranged, please contact me via email 2-3 days prior your visit.
We are located 26 km from Parnu and 103 km from Tallinn.




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